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Beverage Blending & Carbonation System

Our automatic beverage blending and carbonation system is designed for the production of carbonated and non-carbonated beverages. The 3-in-1 skid-mounted space-saving unit allows to de-aerate, blend and carbonate various soft-drinks with the utmost precision and consistency at outputs from 3,000 to up to 80,000 liters per hour.

  • Carbonation performance of up to +22ºC (+72ºF) with 5 v/v CO2 enables a broad range of products
  • >95% total CO2 efficiency

Carbonator Features - Sneek Peak!

Allen Bradley
  • Variable automatically adjustable outputs from 30 to 100% with consistent accuracy of blending and carbonation
  • High-precision in-line dosing of syrup and CO2 to reduce the use of expensive raw material
  • All the processes are automated
  • No syrup loss during a product change-over
  • Quick and comfortable product changeover through automatic recipe change

Deaeration is performed via a single-stage vacuum pump without the usage of CO2 stripping.

Water is fed to the vertical deaeration tank to ensure sufficient time of contact with vacuum to achieve less than 1 ppm of DO.

The sealing water consumption is reduced to a minimum due to the water recuperation function in the vacuum pump.


The patented beverage carbonation technology realized in the patented SubCarb carbonator provides CO2 dissolution at the molecular level and at ambient temperatures. Micro bubbles ensure complete dissolution of the gas into the product. No porous disc, sinter candles, carbonation stones, nozzles, HPmixers or injectors are used.

High precision mass flow meter controls CO2 value. Output regulating system provides consistent product flow rate, which benefits CO2 precision. The total CO2 efficiency (CO2 Yield) of the beverage mixer exceeds 95%.

Dosing & Blending

High precision mass flow meter ideally controls Brix% value. Multi-stage product homogenisation is performed by a centrifugal pump and SubCarb carbonator. Consistent level of Brix% values are ensured despite of variable or fluctuating outputs.

The mixer’s production output is automatically adjusted from 30 to 100 percent of the rated output. The syrup consumption can be reduced drastically by guaranteeing reliable production at the bottom limit of the Brix% range.

Technical Data
  • Standard flow rates, l/h 4000, 8000, 12000…80000
  • Mixing ratio min-max: 1:3 – 1:9
  • Carbonation level 0-12 g/l at max +22ºC
  • Accuracy of carbonation ±0,2 g/l
  • In-Line Brix% measurement device
  • In-Line CO2 measurement device
  • Flavour dosing module
  • Double-stage vacuum deaeration

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