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Parts and Technical Support

Same day shipment for most parts ordered received by 3:00PM EST. Parts can be ordered via email:

Technical support is free over the phone and email 24/7. On-site service calls, preventive maintenance, and annual overhauls can be scheduled via email:

Equipment Rebuilds


Our equipment can last a working lifetime, if properly maintained. If you are an original owner of the equipment, we can do on-site rebuilds.

If the equipment is being purchased from a third party, Palmer Beverage Systems (PBS) has a policy regarding rebuilt equipment to ensure the highest quality for our customers. Rebuilt lines offer a more affordable option for buyers who are conscious of costs.

Occasionally, PBS fillers and ancillary equipment may be available on auction sites or in the secondary market.


Please review the terms below for certified rebuilt PBS equipment:

  1. All certified rebuilt equipment must undergo factory rebuilding at our manufacturing plant in Lafayette, Indiana.
  2. PBS does not rebuild lines in the field, only overhauls of equipment originally purchase from PBS.
  3. PBS does not provide support for used equipment that has not been factory restored.
  4. Rebuilt equipment from PBS is available with warranty.

For further information or inquiries, please refer to the provided contact information.

Preventive Maintenance and Annual Overhauls

  • Machine audits will help identify areas of inefficiency, allowing for improvements to be made, both short and long-term, that will increase overall run-time, performance and minimize downtime and repairs.
  • By identifying and correcting errors, machine audits can improve the accuracy of your fills and Declared Net Weight while reducing product waste.
  • Machine audits can identify potential safety hazards and risks, enabling proactive measures to be taken to prevent accidents or injuries.
  • Machine audits can identify opportunities for upgrades and enhancements that will improve overall operations and maximize profitability.
  • Ball cage, vent tube, container seal, snift, and other common issues.
  • Seam Tooling Wear.
  • Preventative and Planned Maintenance call-outs: Line by line part status.

This process includes:

  1. Recommending maintenance and part replacements to return the machine to factory specifications.
  2. Identify wear items that need replacement.
  3. Identify potential upgrades to equipment that will improve performance.
  4. Inspect running components such as:
    1. Bowl level control and float.
    2. Filling valve wear parts and hard parts.
    3. Valve actuating assemblies and cams.
    4. Gearbox oil levels and viscosities.
    5. Lubrication system function. Check proper lubrication viscosities.
    6. Rotating assemblies for CIP, CO2, and N2.
    7. Compressed air and beverage piping/connection.
    8. Torque specifications.
    9. Pull down cam to block surface wear.
    10. Carriage lifter and related components relative to filler set-up.
    11. Purge/snift and CIP cams.
    12. Geartrains are inspected for lubrication, wear, and operation.
    13. Bowl lid inspected for condition and seal.
    14. Sight glass and sanitation trough gaskets.
    15. Seam Conveyance Components.
    16. Seam Tooling.
    17. Seam Upper and Lower Cams.

What is your next beer or beverage project? We'd love to help you. Let us know the details and we'll get back to you with ideas.

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We are a single source for beverage plant processing and beverage can packaging solutions for the craft beverage markets including energy, cannabis, hard seltzer, beer, and sodas.

We provide expertise from the beginning to the end of the project to ensure the most cost-effective and quality solutions.

Independently owned and operated.

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